In a world with a constant flow of information, people and goods across borders there is a need for enhanced knowledge about the effects of globalisation. Researchers at the Department focus on cultural diversity, migration, ethnicity, environmental and climate change and the ideas and organisational forms that transcend national boundaries. The regional coverage is extensive, and the research is based on a rich and dynamic international, long-standing research tradition.

The transnational theme is organized into four clusters: Migration, Environment, Media and Organisation. Each cluster organises joint seminars, publications and research projects. Many researchers contribute to more than one cluster. 


Researchers in the Migration cluster look into questions generated from social phenomena and structures, especially migration, ethnicity, social movements and diaspora.

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The Environment cluster provides a framework for theoretical debate and development on issues regarding the environment and climate change in societal, cultural, and global perspectives.

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The Media cluster elucidates and explores humanity's increasingly varied opportunities for expression and communication in time and space, and its impact on culture and society.

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Organisational research focuses on how people's actions are coordinated socially and collectively.

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