Gudrun Dahl
The Swedish Discourse of Development.
The Scientific Concepts and Models of Natural and Social Science in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research.

Sigrun Helmfrid
A gender perspective on the organisation of domestic production and consumption in smallholder farming. A case study from the cotton zone in Burkina Faso.

Ulrik Jennische
Development and local trade in Ghana.

Philip Malmgren
Los Jarochos Verdes: environmental protection, politics and power.

Miguel Montoya
After catastrophe – how people found new housing or rebuilt their homes after the 1999 mudslides in Vargas, Venezuela.
Research on civil society organizations in Venezuela.

Monica Lind de Montoya
New markets and good people: how microfinance has spread around the world as a strategy for development.
Finance and farmers: a projekt about kooperative banks as a source of finance in rural areas.
Rebuilding house and home: how Bosnians managed and financed the reconstruction of their homes after the war.

Susann Ullberg
Risk, disaster management and social remembering in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

Beppe Karlsson
Paula Uimonen
Juan Velazques