Gudrun Dahl
The Metaphors of Social Science as a Didactic Problem.

Raoul Galli
Social and mental structures in the advertising world.

Arvid Lundberg
Conflicts between secularism and islamism in Jordanian education policy.

Annika Rabo
Teacher training education in Sweden, on education and gender; education and multiculturalism.
The fostering of future citizens in texts books and education policies in four different countries.

Hans Tunestad
The therapeutization of work. Psychological self-help techniques in management and therapy, with a focus on the dissemination through educational efforts and the mass media.

Helena Wulff
Writing in Ireland: an ethnographic study of schooling and the world of writers.

Jannete Hentati
Catarina Lundqvist
Paulina Mihailova
Karin Norman
Ioannis Tsoukalas