Raoul Galli
Social and mental structures in the advertising world.

Johanna Gullberg
Feminist and antiracist activism in Paris northern banlieues.

Hege Höyer Leivestad
Caravan Consumption - Materialities and Mobilities of Motorized Camping in Europe.

Monica Lind de Montoya
Research on the creation of business association in the rural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Rebuilding house and home: how Bosnians managed and financed the reconstruction of their homes after the war.

Renita Thedvall
How policies for, for example, quality in work, evidence-based practice or fair trade are shaped and presented in the form of indicators or standards.

Helena Wulff
Writing in Ireland: an ethnographic study of schooling and the world of writers.
The Impact of Images: visual ethnography in a transnational perspective.

Laila Abdallah
Gladis Aguirre
Christina Garsten
Urban Larssen
Paulina Mihailova
Karin Norman
Maple Razsa
Katja Sarajeva
Ioannis Tsoukalas