Gudrun Dahl
The Swedish Discourse of Development.
Modernities on the Move: Youth in Iran, Brazil and India (Gudrun Dahl, convenor, Shahram Khosravi, Örjan Bartholdson, Paolo Favero).

Per Drougge
Moveable monasticism. Transnational aspects of contemporary Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

Raoul Galli
Social and mental structures in the advertising world.

Ulf Hannerz
Transnational cultural processes.
Global future scenarios.

Eva-Maria Hardtmann
Transnational activism in the Global Justice Movement with focus on South Asia and Japan.

Monica Lindh de Montoya
New markets and good people: how microfinance has spread around the world as a strategy for development, and how attempts are made to regulate the market

Erik Olsson
Transnational migration and social practice in transnational spaces.

Annika Rabo
Transnational families and family law.
Service and welfare in transnational space.

Renita Thedvall
How policies for, for example, quality in work, evidence-based practice or fair trade are shaped and presented in the form of indicators or standards.

Helena Wulff
Writing in Ireland: an ethnographic study of schooling and the world of writers.
The Impact of Images: visual ethnography in a transnational perspective.

Christina Garsten
Hasse Huss
Shahram Khosravi
Marie Larsson
Johan Lindquist
Paulina Mihailova
Karin Norman
Annika Rabo
Ioannis Tsoukalas
Paula Uimonen
Mattias Viktorin