Raoul Galli
Social and mental structures in the advertising world.

Ulf Hannerz
The social forms of urban life
The cultural role of world cities

Hasse Huss
A study of reggae as a translocal community in Jamaica, Japan and Great Britain (Kingston, Tokyo, Osaka and London).

Hege Höyer Leivestad
Caravan Consumption - Materialities and Mobilities of Motorized Camping in Europe.

Miguel Montoya
After catastrophe – how people found new housing or rebuilt their homes after the 1999 mudslides in Vargas, Venezuela.

Monica Lindh de Montoya
Rebuilding house and home: how Bosnians managed and financed the reconstruction of their homes after the war.

Annika Rabo
Different cities in Syria, especially Aleppo.

Susann Ullberg
Risk, disaster management and social remembering in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

Mark Graham
Shahram Khosravi

Staffan Löfving
Karin Norman