Lotta Björklund Larsen
Swedish Tax Dynamics. Values and Practices at The Swedish Tax Agency and The Economization of Society.

Raoul Galli
Social and mental structures in the advertising world.

Hege Høyer Leivestad
Caravan Consumption - Materialities and Mobilities of Motorized Camping in Europe.

Anette Nyqvist
Research in the nexus of state and market. Doctoral research on Sweden’s national pension system as a political technology. Post doc research on institutional owners as actors on financial markets.

Renita Thedvall
How policies for, for example, quality in work, evidence-based practice or fair trade are shaped and presented in the form of indicators or standards.

Hans Tunestad
The therapeutization of work. Psychological self-help techniques in management and therapy, with a focus on the dissemination through educational efforts and the mass media.

Mattias Viktorin
Market Appearances: Temporality, Methodology, and Knowledge in the Work of Market Research Consultancies.

Helena Wulff
The Impact of Images: visual ethnography in a transnational perspective.

Alireza Behtoui
Mia Forrest
Christina Garsten
Sadia Hassanen
Jannete Hentati

Shahram Khosravi
Catarina Lundquist
Karin Norman
Anette Nyqvist
Erik Olsson
Annika Rabo
Degla Salim