As an employee at the University you are entitled to one hour/week of preventive health care (friskvård, i.e. keep-fit activities) during working hours. You have access to a number of free or heavily discounted activities in Fresctihallen and also to the staff gym.

Employees are also entitled to reimbursement for basic health and fitness activities to the sum of SEK 1.500 per year on presentation of receipts. The reimbursement will only be paid for training fees or for the purchase of entry passes for leisure centres such as gyms, swimming pools and other physical activity centres. However, the activity must be a basic keep-fit sport, i.e. not golf, horse-riding, etc.

Please use the form "Blankett för friskvårdsersättning".

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Health care and medical treatment

To be reimbursed for the cost of certain medical treatment and medicines, you must submit original receipts to the Personnel Department, within six months.

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