Resurgent Nationalisms and Populist Politics

Professor Gillian Hart
Professor Gillian Hart

Instead of the triumph of liberal democracy, the end of the Cold War coincided with waves of right-wing nationalisms and populist politics sweeping over many different regions of the world. How best are we to understand these processes in relation to one another, and what are the political stakes? The symposium will engage these questions from the perspective of critical human geography and related disciplines.


13:15 Opening of the Vega Symposium. Associate Professor Thomas Borén, President of SSAG and Chair of the Symposium.

13:30 Contesting Nationalisms in the Time of Populist Politics. Professor Gillian Hart, University of California, USA; University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

14:15 Fatherland, Faith, and Family Values: Glocalized Grassroots Populism in Russia. Dr. Tova Höjdestrand, Lund University, Sweden.

14:45 Coffee

15:15 Culture, Space, Capital: Making Sense of Sinhala-Buddhist National Ideology in Sri Lanka (1977–2009). Associate Professor Kanishka Goonewardena, University of Toronto, Canada.

15:45 The Political Economy of the Nation Form. Associate Professor Manu Goswami, New York University, USA.

16:15 Questions and summing up

16:45 Closing of the Symposium

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