The work in progress seminar series gives room for PhD students in anthropology to present and discuss their ongoing work. The intention of this seminar is to provide PhD students with an informal platform for communicating research and get valuable feedback from fellow students and other colleagues. We welcome both shorter and more extensive presentations of project outlines, fieldwork material, thesis chapters, article drafts, conference papers, or discussions on theoretical concepts or methodological approaches. Whereas presentations are intended for PhD candidates, all researchers, staff and master students in anthropology are most welcome to attend!

If you would like to present your work or have any other questions, please contact Hege H. Leivestad

Spring 2014

April 23, 10.00–11.30, B604 (Forskarrummet)
David Sausdal, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Criminology, Stockholm University

‘Stealing away society – a study on police apprehensions of petty border-crossing property crime’

May 21, 10.00–11.30, B658 (Ceifo library)
Kajsa Rudberg, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

‘Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU’

June 12, 10.00–11.30, B600
Johan Nilsson, PhD Candidate, Tema Teknik och Social Förändring, Linköping University

'Making consumers: towards an epistemic culture of market research'