Jonathan Krämer


Jonathan Kraemer has joined the department as a PhD student in September 2019. His research concerns the transnational migration of Indonesian workers to palm oil fields and construction sites in Malaysia, with a particular focus on migrant politics, migratory networks and the intersection of exploitation and racialization in the economy of contemporary labor migration in Southeast Asia. His dissertation project follows the migrant trail that leads from Madura island, Indonesia, to Malaysian plantations and construction sites, engaging with the ways in which migrants negotiate, communally and individually, the various forms of exploitation they are confronted with throughout the course of their migration. As such, the project is located at the intersection of migration studies and political economy, bringing together an interest in the structure and workings of globalized extractive economies and the politics of contemporary migration regimes in Southeast Asia.

Jonathan has previously conducted research on the labor regime in the palm oil plantation economy on Indonesian Borneo and completed a research project on the impact of labor migration and remittances on the local economy of villages in Madura, Indonesia. He holds a Master’s degree from Heidelberg University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto.