Series 2 (autumn 2015)

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First day in the field

AnthroTalking devotes the last episode of the year to the Department of Social Anthropology’s master’s students. Hear them report from the sites of their research projects and listen to their initial struggles and problems, but also successes and moments of first insights.


Inge Daniels on amateur photographic practices in contemporary Japan

In this episode of AnthroTalking, Inge Daniels talks about how the stereotype of Japanese people taking lots of photos can be said to carry some truth with it. Instead of associating photos with memories, to Japanese people, it is more about the future and looking forward, she argues.

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Exploring anthropological methods

Even after years of studies, students and researchers of the discipline might find it difficult to pin down what exactly distinguishes anthropological research. In this episode, we are addressing the simple, yet much discussed and at times mystified question: “What is the anthropological method”?

Erica Lehrer and Paulina Fiejdasz

Erica Lehrer and Paulina Fiejdasz on their project “Lucky Jews”

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Erica Lehrer and Paulina Fiejdasz on their multimedia project “Lucky Jews”. The project focuses on a series of small figurines of Jews that are popular in Poland. We talked about the intersection between anthropology and filmmaking.

Matthew Hull

Matthew Hull on studying materiality of bureaucratic practices in urban Pakistan

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Matthew Hull. He began his research in Islamabad with an interest in architecture and the built environment. Gradually, Matthew's attention shifted towards the role of files and documents in government practices.

Dolly and Beppe

Beppe Karlsson and Dolly Kikon on their project on indigenous migration

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Professor Beppe Karlsson and Dolly Kikon, postdoctoral research fellow, about their current research project "The Indian Underbelly: Marginalisation, Migration and State Intervention in the Periphery".

Ayo Wahlberg

Ayo Wahlberg on ARTs and the routinization of sperm banking in China

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Ayo Wahlberg about his current project on Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the routinization of sperm banking in China. Hear him also talk about his work on alternative medicine in Vietnam and the UK.


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AnthroTalking is a podcast produced by a group of students currently enrolled in the department’s master’s programme. The podcasts feature interviews with anthropologists from Sweden and abroad. You will hear them reflect upon their work and their experiences in the field, and comment on a wide array of issues and debates. If you have suggestions for future episodes or feedback on any of the episodes, please email

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