Annie Woube, PhD, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala university

Finding One’s Place. An Ethnological Study of Belonging among Swedish Migrants on the Costa del Sol in Spain

Drawing on the doctoral thesis, Finding One’s Place, this presentation will show how belonging is created transnationally among Swedish migrants living on a permanent basis on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The migrants are part of a migration phenomenon, conceptualized as lifestyle migration, often with an aim to increase one’s quality of life in destinations of tourism. The presentation will have a focus on transnational and diasporic practices that is being articulated in migration stories, used in relation to material objects, and acted upon in the everyday life. I will show how the process of creating belonging is marked by simultaneously expressing attachments and affiliations to several localities and contexts across territorial borders, is shaped by past and recurrent travels and communication, and is connected to the Swedish diasporic collective on the Costa del Sol.

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