Carlo Cubero, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Tallinn University

The Musicians' Craft & the Craft of Cinema: Thoughts on the Creative Process

This illustrated presentation will reflect on issues that have arisen in my production of an ethnographic documentary that portrays the daily life of Burkinabé musicians based in the Benelux region. I would like to share the peculiar insights that were afforded to me through the film-making process. I will argue for “the fetish” as an emic connection that offers ethnographic insight into the social and material relations that constitute mutually informing heritage practises in a transnational context. I also value fetishism for its cinematic potential and propose fetishism as a means to put to words methodological affects that I have encountered in the process. The paper will draw a parallel between my film-making process and the process by which material objects, specifically the West African/European kolondjo takes on different material shape, constitutes a sonic reference, and acquires semantic meaning.

I am a full-time Associate Professor of Social & Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University where I lecture and serve as head of department. I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology using Visual Media from the University of Manchester, where I specialized in the contemporary Caribbean and Visual Anthropology. Some of the core themes of my research are island identities, transnationalism, tourism development, Atlantic studies, Caribbean music and the application of the audiovisual medium in social science research. 

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