Frida Hastrup, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

Natural Resources in the Anthropocene. Producing Norwegian Apples

In this talk I will focus on practices of production in and around apple plantations in Norway, exploring what Norwegian apples are in a time of a globally integrated market of fresh natural goods and in an anthropocene era. Both of these conditions – the globalized nature of fresh resources and an intensified human imprint on the planet – seem to cause people to look around for new ways to live with what we might call their natural goods.

Based on fieldwork conducted in Western Norway in 2014, I explore how the practices related to the commercial production of Norwegian apples seem to imply both an increased focus on the unique quality of locally produced fruit and a renewed conversation about what counts as sustainable and profitable vis-à-vis global connections. Overall, my aim is to contribute to qualifying ethnographically what a globalized market of natural goods and anthropocene conditions for their production might be.

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