Paolo Favero, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp

What’s in an image: reflections on the meaning of images in the age of digital media practices

Paolo Favero
Paolo Favero

Changing the way in which we produce, store and share images digital technologies have modified our ways of relating to and addressing the field of vision. The importance of these changes resides not only in the increased speed and size of production and distribution of images around the world (much work has been conducted on this aspect) but rather on the practices that are emerging in parallel to this. Side by side with the spread of new technologies, the last decades have witnessed to the growth of new image-making practices in a variety of different fields, from the world of (visual) art to that of documentary film, from commerce to news. In all these contexts we are witnessing a shift. Images no longer simply index or represent reality but they literally remand us to its materiality and socialness. Centering mainly around the world of contemporary art and documentary film ((with a particular focus on India) the present paper will explore the extent to which such practices require further attention to questions of context, social relations, politics and materiality. This hence further stressing the importance of pushing the dialogue between anthropology, visual and digital culture.

Paolo Favero is Associate Professor in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp. He has devoted the core of his career to the study of visual culture in India and Italy and presently conducts research on image-making practices in contemporary India.

The seminar takes place in collaboration with the Media cluster.

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