Rebekah Cupitt, PhD Candidate, Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, Royal Institute of Technology

Being deaf at work - technology and the co-construction of identity in a state-funded organisation

This presentation relates instances of how SVT Teckenspråk employees co-create their identity and manufacture belonging in the organisation in relation to technological artefacts and mechanisms, organisational structures, constant states of change and reconfiguring intra-actions in the workplace. Technologically mediated communications in Swedish and Swedish sign language at Swedish television’s editorial for deaf programming (SVT Teckenspråk) provide a rich empirical base for examining how and why technology is used to express, construct and talk about what it means to be deaf and even not-deaf at SVT. Stories about changes within the organisation reveal how deaf identities and sense of belonging alter according to technology, time and place. They also provide insight into how 'being deaf' can be rhetorically tied to video meeting technology to express views on discrimination, equality and accessibility in the workplace. A focus on technology can also reveal underlying notions of deafness as a culture, not just a disability, and about being a minority at Swedish television.

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