Want to learn more about using visual and interactive media in research? MA and PhD students and researchers at the Department of Social Anthropology are invited to a half-day workshop on visual methods, facilitated by Maple Razsa. The workshop is part of the visual media project at the Department, co-ordinated by Paula Uimonen and Helena Wulff.

Workshop topics will include visual methods, the relationship between video and textual representations of research, collaborative media production, and new interactive platforms for sharing visual ethnography. The focus of the workshop will be tailored to the interest of participants so please include a brief list of your interests when you rsvp. After the workshop, Maple will be available during the afternoon for individual consultation.

Maple Razsa, trained as a filmmaker and anthropologist at Harvard University, is Associate Professor of Global Studies at Colby College, USA. Maple is committed to using text, images, and sound to embody the experience and political imagination of radical social movements. His films, including Occupation: A Film About the Harvard Living Wage Sit-In and Bastards of Utopia have shown in festivals around the world. Bastards of Utopia: Living Radical Politics After Socialism, the written companion to the film, was published by Indiana University Press in 2015. He has held fellowships from Stockholm and Harvard Universities, Amherst College, and the Wenner-Gren, Fulbright and Truman Foundations.

RSVP to paula.uimonen@socant.su.se no later than Thursday 12 May.

The seminar is orgnised by the Media cluster and "Visual Media in Anthropology".