Från Berghahn Books hemsida:

”The scholarship of Ulf Hannerz is characterized by its extraordinary breadth and visionary nature. He has contributed to the understanding of urban life and transnational networks, and the role of media, paradoxes of identity and new forms of community, suggesting to see culture in terms of flows rather than as bounded entities. Contributions honor Hannerz’ legacy by addressing theoretical, epistemological, ethical and methodological challenges facing anthropological inquiry on topics from cultural diversity policies in Europe to transnational networks in Yemen, and from pottery and literature to multinational corporations.”

Boken innehåller flera kapitel av forskare vid Socialantropologiska institutionen:

”Introduction: Ulf Hannerz and the Militant Middle Ground”
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Christina Garsten, and Shalini Randeria

”Global Swirl at Dupont Circle: Think Tanks, Connectivity, and the Making of “The Global””
Christina Garsten

”Anthropologist in the Irish Literary World: Reflexivity through Studying Sideways”
Helena Wulff

”Reflections in and on The Hall of Mirrors”
Gudrun Dahl

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