Urgent grant to secure access to data.

An urgent grant application can be submitted for any scientific discipline; the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technological sciences, and may also include interdisciplinary approaches, when there is an urgent need to secure future access to data (such as research data or collecting samples) or other research material (such as interviews or participatory observations). The urgent need to secure access to data/research material must be based on a phenomenon or a recently identified situation that could not be anticipated in advance and will not occur again. Formas urgent grant is available annually.

An application for an urgent grant can be submitted at any time during the year and is registered immediately when it is submitted to Formas in Prisma. The application must then be signed by the applicant and the grant administrating organisation within seven calendar days following submission of the application. Processing of an urgent grant application takes around 6-10 weeks. Decisions are made continuously throughout the year.

In the application the applicant must

  • justify the urgent need to secure future access to data/research material
  • justify how the project belongs to one or more of the responsibility areas of Formas; Environment, Agricultural Sciences and/or Spatial Planning
  • describe the reasearch potential of the data/research material briefly
  • explain the choice of research method and how collection of the data/research material will be carried out
  • state the costs for securing the data/research material.

The project may be carried out for a maximum duration of one year.

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