The Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo (AAM, the Mediterranean Anthropological
Archive) is now 16 years old and during this first phase of life it has gradually expanded
the number of readers and authors. Since 2011, for a variety of reasons (some of them
also of economic nature), we decided to abandon the printed version of the review and
move entirely into the “online” world. We believe that this choice has enhanced the
visibility of the review. We have seen an increase of proposals coming also from young
scholars who often have difficulties in receiving attention by the international academic
community. The electronic format has also allowed us greater freedom for what regards
the number of contributions published and the possibility of publishing colour
photographs in high definition.

We are today, however, on the verge of a new change that we wish to share with you
with the present letter. It is our hope that this change will allow us to spread the journal
even further and to establish it definitively as a prestigious international reference.

AAM (44 Kb) .