Tekalign Ayalew har skrivit kapitlet ”Ethiopian Diasporic Community Networks and Practice of Homemaking in Sweden” och Siri Schwabe har skrivit kapitlet ”A Struggle for Space (Elsewhere): Marching for Gaza in Santiago de Chile”.

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Spatial Justice and Diaspora brings the concept of spatial justice into conversation with empirical studies of racism and displacement, challenging and extending critical discussions of place, socio-spatiality, identities, and the juridico-political order. The volume brings together work exploring the conceptual and practical meaning of diaspora through a broad range of grounded studies, ranging from Palestinian street protest in Chile, to poetry written in Guantanamo Bay, to everyday practices of Ethiopian homemaking in Sweden. In so doing, it adds to theoretical explorations of spatial justice a keen attentiveness to lived experiences of the local, while also questioning any romanticized or essentialist reading of diaspora. Bringing to the fore innovative interdisciplinary scholarship, Spatial Justice and Diaspora offers a new critical intervention at the intersection of these fields.

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