Water and sustainable development

Värd: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI); Jens Berggren & Maggie White 

Om SIWI (www.siwi.org):

SIWI is a Swedish, independent, not-for-profit foundation. SIWI employs over 60 staff from some 20 countries in Stockholm, Sweden and Pretoria, South Africa. […] SIWI provides and promotes water wise solutions for sustainable development in the areas of water governance, transboundary water management, and through international policy processes.

Om Jens Berggren:

Mr. Jens Berggren is Director of Communications and External Relations. Jens has over 15 years of experience, including in Uganda, India and Bolivia. Prior to joining SIWI in 2010, he worked for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and the Water Integrity Network/ Transparency International. He holds a Master of Science in both Agronomy and Technology, both from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. A Swedish national, Jens speaks English, Swedish and Spanish.

Om Maggie White:

Maggie White is a senior manager at SIWI and co-chair of AGWA. She works with international policy and the World Water Week plenaries. Maggie is a senior water policy expert who has worked for over 16 years in the sector. She is specialized in WaSH and water utilities, IWRM and climate change issues at a global, national and local implementation level. She was one of the authors of SIWI’s policy briefs 2017:

Freshwater and oceans - working together to face climate change and The gender dimension of water and climate change.

Global arena - program vårterminen 2019.

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