The University of Aberdeen

ESRs will complete a PhD with an inter-disciplinary supervisory team. They will actively participate in the activities of the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and the Rule of Law. Applicants from across the social sciences and humanities, including anthropology, cultural and literary studies, education, history, legal theory and socio-legal studies, philosophy, politics, religious studies, sociology, and theology are welcome to apply.

Indicative topics listed are

  • Traditions of ‘citizenship’ across Europe and beyond
  • ‘We the people’ beyond the nation-state
  • Protest, populism and social movements
  • Digitalising ‘democracy’ – transforming the concept?
  • Civility and understanding the political
  • Radicalisation’, ‘extremism’ and the role of ‘civil society’
  • Conceptualizing secularism, post-secularism and religion itself
  • The politics of ‘religious pluralism’
  • Horizons of the ‘political’
  • The ‘nation’ resurgent?
  • Rule of law and constitutionalism
  • Sovereignty and the state
  • Teaching political concepts in post-truth times
  • The ‘democracy Phoenix’ – are young people changing the meaning of democracy

These are indicative topics – applicants are free to propose their own projects on how political concepts are used in the world.

Application deadline: January 20.

Ref No: LAN084R

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