CEMUS is a unique student initiated and primarily student-run university centre with the explicit ambition to contribute to a better world. Since the early 1990’s, CEMUS has offered interdisciplinary higher education and been a creative meeting place for students, PhD Students, researchers and teachers from Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. CEMUS three main pillars are: Student-Led Education, Collaboration & Partnership and Transdisciplinary Research.

Start date: Last week in August 2015

Duration: Flexible (please notify in the application how long you would prefer to stay)

CEMUS offers an internship where you will get an opportunity to see how a centre at Uppsala University works. You will experience how we work with student-led education, sustainable development and how we incorporate transdisciplinary education in our courses.

In order to see how we work, you will be able to participate in meetings and collegial workshops, see how the course coordinators work, see how we work with educational development, and attend lectures, seminars and workshops, etc.

During the time here you will also carry out a project related to something that we do here at CEMUS. You should come up with an idea for a project and your application should include a description of the project that you would like to carry through. You should be able to finish the project during your time here and write a short report.

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