Beppe Karlsson, Associate professor, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

In Another Country: Migration, Poverty and Belonging in Contemporary India

Much of the recent literature in human mobility deals with people that cross national borders, i.e. transnational migrants, diaspora communities and refugees. Such flows are taken to be critical in the contemporary globalizing world. The crossing of borders is also commonly assumed to be an especially traumatic and life-changing event. What tends to be forgotten or down-played in these discussions is the fact that most people who leave their homes to seek a better life elsewhere still remain within their respective states. In this paper, I will deal with migration within India. I will look at movements from India’s Northeastern region to the urban metropolises of the south. I will be concerned with basic questions of why people uproot themselves and how it is to settle in a place that in so many ways appear as a foreign country.

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