Christina Fredengren, Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University

Checking in with Deep Time: Intragenerational Justice and Care

This lecture deals with issues of how to better re-tie material and immaterial knots between past, present and future generation. Is this an issue of how to become better multi-species ancestors to future generations. The paper deals with what we can call Deep Time interventions, but also the politicization of the long-term within natural/cultural heritage sectors. It focuses on how encounters with deep time materialities may act and shape engagement with climate and environmental issues. The case-study comes from Linköping, where a garbage plant is located on an early iron age sanctuary, where different entangled time-bounds give way (and become sacrificed), to give way for others. Here comes a sacrificial ethic – that can be scrutinized with the assistance of critical posthumanist feminist thinking.

Docent Christina Fredengren, from the Archaeological Research Laboratory at SU is a founder of Stockholm University Environmental Humanities network together with Claudia Egerer and Karin Dirke. As Scientific Leader of Deep Time at the SeedBox at Linköping University and affiliated researcher at the Posthumanities hub her research deals with archaeology, heritage and matters of intra-generational care. In particular matters around human-animal relations, sacrifice and water comes to the front in her current research projects (such as the Waters of the Time (VR funded) and Checking-in-with-Deep time (Formas funded).

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