David Sausdal, PhD Fellow, Department of Criminology, Stockholm University

Pleasures of policing: An additional analysis of xenophobia

In police research, dominant explanations of why law enforcers harbour xenophobic attitudes are most often dressed in cultural or political rationalisations. As an additional explanation, this article demonstrates how resentments are spurred not only by prejudice or politics but also by the ways in which foreigners complicate quite ordinary yet, from a police perspective, appreciated work practices. Following this ethnographic discovery, the paper ultimately constitutes a call for a better grounding of our theories as well as critique in the wider context of the workday situations and sensibilities of law enforcement.

David Sausdal is a PhD Fellow in Criminology at Stockholm University. He is an anthropologist-cum-criminologist with a specific interest in ethnographic studies of cross-border crime and policing. Recently, he has been observing and examining the work of two Danish police task forces engaged in investigating property crimes committed by people coming from countries such as Romania, Poland, Morocco and Chile.  

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