Dennis Forsgren, Nätverket för Grekland

Nätverket för Grekland, or the Network for Greece, was established in 2014 as an act of solidarity with the Greek people during the economic crisis. The organisation is party politically independent and is built on a platform of democratic and anti-racist values. While opposing the austerity measures imposed by the European Union and the IMF, Nätverket för Grekland aims to influence public opinion in Sweden through op-ed articles, lectures and reports from Greece. The organisation also provides medicine to the solidarity clinic in Elliniko, Athens, as well as necessities needed by refugees in the Greek border areas.

Dennis Forsgren is currently enrolled as a first year master’s student at the Department of Social Anthropology. His bachelor’s thesis Envisioning Migration: Economic Crisis and Dreams of Migration in Thessaloniki, Greece (2015) can be provided upon request.

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