Navigating Values on Capital. Conceptualizing Trajectories toward Alternative Modernities in Indonesia

International Conference, Palu, Central Sulawesi Indonesia, 15-17 December 2016

Conf Programme (186 Kb)

Tropical Lecture by Professor Bruno Latour: Professeur des Universités, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

Themes, Topics and Key People

Theme 1

Tracing Value and Agency: Capital Formations in The Nation’s Historical Trajectories

Chair: David Henley, Professor in Indonesia Studies, Southeast Asian History and Southeast Asian Politics at Leiden University the Netherlands

Theme 2

Recycling Values: Ideological and Power Metaphors on Contemporary Capital Expansions

Chair: Tania Murray Li, Professor of Anthropology, Canada Research Chair and Tier One at the Department of Anthropology University of Toronto Canada and the Director of Centre for Southeast Asian Studies

Theme 3

Interlocking Imagined Values: Encounters and Asymmetries in the Age of Cultural Capitalism

Chair: Gregory Lawrence Acciaioli, Professor and senior lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology Discipline Group and Asian Studies Discipline Group, School of Social and Cultural Studies, The University of Western Australia

Theme 4

The Naked Face of the Clash of Values: Conflicts and Insecurity in the Age of Capital Hybrid

Chair: David McRae, Senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute and an associate in the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society.

Important Dates

  • Event Publications : early 2016
  • Panelist and Participant Invitations: March-April 2016
  • Open Call of Papers: May-June 2016
  • Abstracts of Paper Submissions for the Panelist: June-July 2016
  • Abstract of Paper Submissions for the Open Participants: July-August 2016
  • Full Paper Submissions for the Panelist: August-October 2016
  • Full Paper Submissions for the Open Participants: September-October 2016
  • The Young Scholars and Activists Workshop: Mid December 2016
  • The Conference: Mid December 2016