Applications need to be submitted at least three months before the planned date of the meeting. Deadlines on: 30 November 2014, 28 February 2015, 31 May 2015, 31 August 2015, and repeated annually.

These support scholarly events, in particular national and international conferences with the aim of facilitating the discussion and analysis of specific scholarly questions as well as fostering cooperation and networking of scholars working in the same field or on interdisciplinary topics. The Foundation promotes the following fields:

  • history, language and culture;
  • image and imagery;
  • state, economy and society;
  • international relations;
  • medicine and natural sciences.

Applications may only be submitted by a university or other non-profit research institution. Applicants must have a doctoral degree. The number of speakers should not exceed 30.

Grants cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals of active participants, as well as up to €500 to defray incidental conference costs, such as printing, student helpers and assistants.

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