Ghent University

The research project is an ethnographic exploration of property relations within contemporary democratic contexts through an analysis of citizen (and non-citizen) experiences of eviction. Specifically, the project looks at how conflicts around specific properties bring together moral discourses, policy regulations and market mechanisms to create, transform and reinforce specific aspects of real landed property (used for housing) and what the consequences are of these “property regimes” on people’s lived experiences of citizenship.

This is an ethnographic project based on participant-observation methods and as a PhD candidate you will be expected to spend at least one year of the four-year PhD trajectory working directly with people involved in conflicts over eviction/property.

The department is looking for PhDs with knowledge of, and interest in, working in one of the following countries: Spain, Greece, the UK and the Netherlands. Language skills required are fluency in English plus the language spoken in the context of choice.

Application deadline: November 19.

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